Student Research Projects

One of our primary objectives is supporting students and their research projects. Much of our exploratory research into new directions is accomplished by various student efforts, whether it be for a summer project or a graduate thesis. LIAS provides students with valuable hands-on experience developing sensor systems, working in field environments, and processing sensor data. The multidisciplinary nature of our work draws students together form a variety of programs including

  • Imaging Science
  • Electronic/Mechanical Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Bio-Medical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
There are four graduate and 11 undergraduate students currently working directly on LIAS projects:
  • Jiaying Wu (PhD): Waveform lidar preprocessing & signal extraction
  • Xiaofeng Fan (PhD): Image registration
  • Joe McGlinchy (MS): Pixel unmixing approaches
  • Dianne Sarazin (MS): Waveform lidar and imaging spectroscopy fusion
  • Undergraduate students:
  • Dr. Robert Kremens: Christopher Tompkins-Tinch (CS image analysis), Natalie Tacconi (Imaging Science), Brent Salmi (EE Co-Op), Alexeandar Yefetsief (EE circuit design, embedded SW), Anna Higgs (electro mechanical design), Doug Hemink (ME design and fabrication), Tim Miller (EE/CE embedded SW), Nate McCormick (BE computer hardware and maintenance)
    Dr. Jan van Aardt: David Kelbe (waveform lidar algorithm development), Robert Hammell & Allison Bright (physiology- and data-mining approaches to vegetation disturbance assessment)