Networked Sensor Systems

Networked buoy sensorNetworked buoy sensor

We have done much research with networks of sensors of various types. We have constructed and deployed many inexpensive sensor/logging devices for experiments. The backbone of these is an inexpensive data logging device which we have designed and constructed ourselves. This data logger device is battery powered, and can connect to various data producing devices and subsequently store all of the data to a flash memory storage device.

Buoy Sensors

The image to the right shows one of our buoy sensors. This is deployed in a body of water, and can monitor various conditions of the water including temperature at multiple depths and ice thickness. Buoys are equipped with GPS receivers to measure drift from their anchored locations and digital radio transmitters to send sensor information to a base station.

Wildfire Sensors

To help study the behavior of wildfires, LIAS uses small weather stations. These are deployed during prescribed test fires and can monitor and record conditions such as air pressure, wind, and temperature at different altitudes. Data obtained from networks of these sensors is used to analyze how fires move and consume available fuel.