The Rochester Airborne Imagery Database for Education and Research

Color image downloaded from RAIDERColor image downloaded from RAIDER

RAIDER is a software project developed at LIAS to bring easy access to our growing database of orthorectified aerial images to people in the education, scientific research, and emergency response fields over the Internet. Image datasets available through RAIDER are indexed by sensor, collection date, spectral bands, and geographical area, and users can search the database for any combination of this information.

Images hosted by RAIDER can be viewed in one of two ways. First, an integrated viewer can easily be opened in any JavaScript-enabled web browser as soon as the user locates a dataset they are interested in. This viewer provides an easy to use interface for anyone familiar with modern online mapping websites, allowing users to interactively pan and zoom the image and download high-resolution images of any area. For more advanced users, an OGC Web Map Service (WMS) interface to access the imagery is available as well. This standard protocol is supported by many popular GIS software applications, and allows any images from RAIDER to be viewed alongside other geographic data using WMS-compliant tools.

The RAIDER system is now available to the public at For an example of RAIDER's image viewer, see this WASP visible image of Jacmel, Haiti

Example Imagery