LIAS Faculty and Staff


  • Jan van Aardt (Associate Professor; LIAS Director) Contact
    Jan is a forester with a passion for remote sensing and focuses on lidar (discrete and waveform) and hyperspectral applications for natural resource assessment, e.g., species classification, woody and herbaceous biomass assessment, and biotic and abiotic stress detection in vegetation.
  • Harvey Rhody (Professor) Contact
    Harvey is an electrical engineer and focuses on signal processing and image algorithms for a variety of applications, e.g., image geo-registration, lidar compression, 3D information extraction.
  • Robert Kremens (Research Associate Professor) Contact
    Bob is a physicist who studies fire phenomenology as it applies to remote sensing and ecology and supports this research with a cohort of students that help to integrate systems for improved sensing capabilities.

Research Staff

  • Donald McKeown (Distinguished Researcher) Contact
    Don is a systems engineer with private sector experience in system integration and project management. Don served as the chief system engineer for the IKONOS imaging payload development and is in charge of LIAS systems and operations.
  • Jason Faulring (Systems Integration Engineer) Contact
    Jason is a computer engineer by training and has developed extensive skills in system integration and associated software development. Jason is responsible for the running of LIAS' sensor suite.
  • Robert Krzaczek (Software Architect) Contact
    Bob is a software engineer that is responsible for the LIAS sensors' real-time processing and data acquisition systems. He also works extensively with NASA on the SOFIA data cycle development.

Adjunct/Extended Faculty

LIAS collaborates with many extended faculty, such as Dr. John Kerekes (imaging spectroscopy and algorithm development) and Dr. Eli Saber (electrical engineering & signal processing research), while we work closely with our sister-lab in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, namely the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing (DIRS) Group.

Administrative Staff

  • Brenda Bates (Administrative Assistant) Contact
    Brenda is a crucial member of the LIAS team and handles the administration of the group and events such as workshops and training sessions.